Bird 1


Photorealistic Posed 3D Animal


I have a passion for bringing reality to the digital realm. I’m intrigued and fascinated by the intricate details reality gives us and it is a pleasure being able to share these with you.

I use photogrammetry to 3D model the animal. The original is prepared by a Taxidermist. This actual model is Sold at Sprookjes.

A 3D posed animal is usefull in, for example, static renders, architectural visualization, Virtual Reality Natural History Museums, Games,…

Also, they can be used to explore and discover our biotope and family in an interactive scientific way using AR,VR and/or MR.

The model is Low Poly, has Quads only topology and an 8k (8192 by 8192px) texture map, as well as a 4k (4096 by 4096px) normal map. UV Map is clean only has a few Islands.

I hope you enjoy using these models as much as I had making them.

Thanks for your purchase!

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Commercial use allowed

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Polygonal Miniatures



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3D Printing, AR-VR-MR-Game Ready, Low Poly (<50k)

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