Male Clothing Outfit 13

19,99 10,00

Photorealistic Male Clothing Outfit: Suited for Games and (Realtime) rendering


3D Scanned Clothing for Male Avatars

  • Low Poly Mesh (Quads)
  • 4k Normal Map
  • 8k Texture Map

How to fit the clothing to DAZ characters:

  • Dial Genesis 8 Male Arms Up-Down to -45% and Legs Spread to -5% in Parameters
  • Go into bone edit mode, and when bones are visible select one, right click and go edit -> bake joint rotations
  • Use the transfer utility, set source item shape to current and add a smoothing modifier.
  • Save the clothing to your library.
  • Clear the scene, add G8 Male again and add the outfit, it should now fit the zero-posed character.

Additional information

File Format


Scan Method


Texture Map Size

4k, 8k


AR-VR-MR-Game Ready


Polygonal Miniatures