10 Shrunken and Sprouted Potatoes

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10 3D Scanned Shriveled, Shrunken and Sprouted Potatoes


Add a touch of realism to your food-related projects with the Shrunken and Sprouted Potatoes, a set of 10 realistic 3D models of imperfect produce. Crafted with realistic textures and materials, these 3D models provide a lifelike representation of shrunken and sprouted potatoes, complete with blemishes and imperfections.

Perfect for use in advertising, product visualization, and other food-related projects, these 3D models are available in OBJ file format with 4k texture maps. The models are highly detailed and can be easily integrated into a variety of 3D software applications.

Whether you’re a food blogger, a farmer, or a graphic designer, the Shrunken and Sprouted Potatoes are sure to add authenticity to your projects and capture the imperfections of real produce.

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Wavefront (.OBJ)

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