This 5 pack of 3D scanned homemade salt crystals is a unique and natural collection of objects that capture the intricate beauty of salt crystals. Each crystal has been carefully scanned to capture its unique texture and details, resulting in a stunning and realistic collection of homemade salt crystals.

These 3D scanned salt crystals are perfect for a range of applications, including scientific visualizations, educational materials, art installations, and more. They add a level of natural beauty and scientific accuracy to any project and are incredibly versatile in their usage.

The pack includes five different salt crystals, each with a unique shape and texture, allowing for flexibility and variety in their usage. The crystals are made of high-quality materials and finished with 4k texture maps, ensuring that they look and feel like real salt crystals.

Whether you’re creating a scientific visualization or simply looking to add a touch of natural beauty to your project, these 3D scanned homemade salt crystals are a valuable addition to your toolkit.

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Wavefront (.OBJ)

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AR-VR-MR-Game Ready, Games, Illustration, Metaverse, Realtime, Rendering, Simulation, Virtual Reality


Polygonal Miniatures


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