Walking Leaf Insect Phylliidae

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Photorealistic 3D Scanned insect


Photorealistic and detailed 3D leaf insect or walking leaf. Latin name is Phylliidae.

OBJ files come in high and low poly version. Low poly is 19640 Quads, High Poly 314304 Quads.

The model has a symmetric Texture and normal map with resolution 8192×8192 px.

The model has logical polygroups for tentacles, wings and legs.

More information about the model:

The family Phylliidae (often misspelled Phyllidae) contains the extant true leaf insects or walking leaves, which include some of the most remarkably camouflaged leaf mimics in the entire animal kingdom. They occur from South Asia through Southeast Asia to Australia. At present, there is no consensus as to the preferred classification of this group; some sources treat Phylliidae as a much larger taxon, containing the members of what are presently considered to be several different families. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Additional information

File Format


Texture Map Size

4k, 8k


3D Printing, AR-VR-MR-Game Ready, Low Poly (<50k)


Commercial use allowed



Scan Method



Polygonal Miniatures

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